A supportive and person-centric approach is required for a patient with Dementia.  The journey of caring can be daunting, bewildering and fear-inducing for families.

We are here to give a helping hand to overcome you and your loved one from this situation.

Getting dementia care ‘right’ is important on different levels.

Caring with dignity and respect allows the affected person to retain as much of who they were as possible, and wiping much of the fear for both the individual and their family.

The right and systematic care can limit the negative impact of the unpredictability of dementia.

We, at ORMA focus on engaging and providing stability and security through the very best support.

We fully understand that the road you have travelled recently with your loved one has been complex, challenging and at times heart breaking.  We recognize that, you are as much in need of reassurance and confidence as your loved one.  We work compassionately with dementia care specialized medical team and family members to manage the transition of all newcomers to ORMA, and to support you as a family moving forward by providing the best in dementia care.